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Leveraging Your Brand with Astrology with Leslie Tagorda

Episode Summary

Leslie Tagorda shares her story of creating her signature AstroBrand™️ framework to integrate Astrology into life and business.

Episode Notes

Listeners, we're back this week with Leslie Tagorda.

Leslie is a podcast host, author, astrologer, and designer. She is a Hawaii-born, Filipino Jewish, third career astrologer coming from classical music (institutionalized oppression), branding and design and now astrology focused on the intersection of identiy, how we present and lead in Work. This journey is rooted from exploring her own identity and worthiness as all she had ever heard growing up, that she wasn't enough. She wasn’t Hawaiian enough White enough, Asian enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough. She has woven in all her experiences and saw how the language of astrology and harmony applies in how we present ourselves in the world and what we need to reframe to dismantle and unlearn societal’s rules of how we see our individual success, Work and leadership. Today her mission is to be a spiritual and strategic teacher helping entrepreneurs and changemakers turn their wounds into wisdom to become the luminary leaders they are born to be. And her purpose is to innovate astrology as a MOVEMENT in leveraging brand and leadership development combining a unique skillset of branding, business and astrology, in what she calls the AstroBrand™ Method.

During this episode we talked about:


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