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Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling with Linda Gonzalez

Episode Summary

Linda Gonzales returns to Cafe con Pam to talk about her new book Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling and she shares how BIPOC face inequities and how to work through them.

Episode Notes

Listeners this week we have a conversation with Linda González.

Linda González recently published Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling, based on both hers and her coaching clients’ efforts to live a full-hearted life despite daily inequities. Her award-winning memoir The Cost of Our Lives is a family story of unearthing secrets in search of family and redemption. She has published many essays, served as a judge for the Latino Books awards, and is a contributing editor for aaduna, an online literary magazine.  

Linda firmly believes in the ‘danger of a single story’ about any group of people. She works tirelessly to write and support writing that enriches the current canon of literature. She constantly challenges the narrative that she cannot include Spanish in her work without explaining it or italicizing it.

You can learn more about her writing and her thriving practice as a life coach at

Linda has lived in the Bay Area for over thirty years and is currently in San Rafael on the unceded land of the Coastal Miwok nation. She is originally from Los Angeles where her immigrant parents, a Colombiana and a Mexicano, met and raised her family. Her 24 year old twins inspire her daily to be her best self.

During our conversation we talked about:

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