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205 - Being A "Coconut" with Manny Padilla

Episode Summary

Manny Padilla shares his story of believing he could live as a writer, how he grew up as a Latino and the intricacies as an identity which ultimately led him to write his book, "Coconut."

Episode Notes

Listeners this week we're back with Manny Padilla.

Manny wrote his first short story when he was 8-years-old and has been writing ever since. Despite his parents' protests ("You'll starve to death!"), Manny earned a journalism degree, and has since worked consistently in the media and publishing fields with over 36 years of award-winning writing experience, working as a newspaper reporter and editor; marketing, public relations and advertising professional; and public speaker.

Manny "retired" from his position as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union in 2019. There, he was responsible for extending the not-for-profit financial institution’s work within the Los Angeles Police and Sheriff’s departments, as well as law enforcement communities.

Prior to that, Manny held roles as First Vice President of Marketing, Metrocities Mortgage; Marketing Communications Manager, The California Endowment; Vice President of Marketing, City National Bank; and Writer/Editor/ Supervisor, Los Angeles Daily News Special Sections.

In 2021, Manny added the title of "author" to his resume, with the creation of  his debut novel, "Coconut."

During this episode we talked about:

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