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Weed is Therapy with Sonia Erika

Episode Summary

Sonia Erika shares her experience as an undocumented student in the United States who got accepted into Harvard and how weed changed her life and overall perspective.

Episode Notes

Listeners, we are back this week with a conversation with Sonia Erika.

Sonia Erika is a serial entrepreneur focused on solidarity economics who is currently making music for the revolution. She currently spends her time traveling during the pandemic, recording music with “Death is a Business,” collaborating with local communities, and coaching female executives to create cooperative business structures.As an undocumented entrepreneur, worker, and musician, her work has been all about creating systems that work to eliminate violent systems. Sonia's life work has focused on building and creating systems that pay people equitably for their time and labor. Before graduating from Harvard, Sonia, co-founded 3 weed organizations, the Cannabis Cultural Association, the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, and EatMe.Land. She is ready to build this world with you!

This was a super fun conversation filled with lots of nuggets.

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During our  conversation, we talked about:

And so much more.

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