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181 - Turning Your Passion Into Sustainable Work with Zachariah Moreno

Episode Summary

Zachariah Moreno shares his story of turning his love of the arts and creativity into sustainable work by co-founding SquadCast.

Episode Notes

Listeners, we're back this week and we have a conversation with Zachariah Moreno.

Zachariah Moreno is a technologist, podcaster, author, and co-founder of SquadCast. He and his team are on a mission to connect creatives.

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Pam was one of those people who would have a notebook for different things, one for notes, one for quick notes, one for client notes, one for book notes, and at the end of the day, she would be lost not knowing where she wrote what. Sounds familiar? 
If you are a business owner who wants to get organized, then you need a dashboard. After trying many systems and ways to keep track of her business and to-do lists, Pam wanted to find a way to have a centralized location for everything, so she created her CEO Dashboard. She shared it with clients and friends and they loved it. And now, you can enjoy it too, she has created the Own your Day with a CEO Dashboard workshop and as a Cafe con Pam listener, you can enjoy 11% off. Head over to  enter the code MANIS and start owning your day!

During our conversation, Zach I talked about:

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