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140 - Being A Manifestation Chingona with Alex Torres

Episode Summary

Alex Torres shares her story of becoming a manifestation chingona after experiencing her own story of survival.

Episode Notes

Listeners, this week we chat with Alex Torres.

Alex Torres, M.S. is a Motivational Speaker and a Certified Intuitive Life Coach passionate about transforming an individual's life from self-sabotaging and oppressing patterns to a fulfilled life, teeming with confidence, Joy, abundance, and freedom.

Ms. Torres holds a B.S. Degree in Social Services, and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix. Ms. Torres own life is a testament to the power of transformation. Her personal story of pain and survival has fueled her passion to help others.

A ten-year veteran working in human services, in correctional facilities, and with at-risk youth, and providing Trauma-informed training's’ to Foster Parents are just a few examples of Alex sharing the tools she learned to transform her own life with others.

Besides being an Entrepreneur, Alex is CEO of Vitality Life Coaching and founder of the Central Valley's exclusive organization, The Latina Connection. She is a member of NAMI, CAMFT and lends her voice of empowerment to countless organizations throughout California.

Trigger Warning: Alex and I talk about suicide and substance abuse. If this is a tender topic for you, please be mindful and decide to listen or skip. Your mental health matters.

During our conversation, we chat talk about creating boundaries, why it is harder for brown folxs to manifest things, and the intricacies of existing in this world carrying colonial trauma.

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