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139 - Creating An Aligned Life with Vanessa Gutierrez

Episode Summary

Vanessa Gutierrez, AKA Prospera Mama comes to talk about her life and how she created a successful business after going through a hard time in her native Colombia.

Episode Notes

Listeners we are back this week with Vanessa Gutierrez, also known as Prospera Mama. 

Vanessa is a Pranic Healer and Alchemist Business Coach. Her goal is to impact 1 million women's lives by teaching them how to overcome energy blocks in life and business so that they can make a financial impact in they family and community. Her vision is to reinvest her income by creating Pranic healing enrichment programs in low income communities, Exposing Mothers to rewire and remove energy blocks so they can create a Wealthy Mindset and from there impact the family through an increase in income.

Manis, this episode is packed with awesomeness. Vane and I had a great time chatting together and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. 

We cover all the things: spirituality, business, mindset, knowing your worth and we even touch on our own limiting beliefs. 

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