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138 - Yearly Reflection and Vision Building

Episode Summary

Last episode of 2019 with a Rapidín with Pam about the end of year reflections and how to build a vision for the new year.

Episode Notes

Listeners we are back today with a Rapidín with just you and I where we will go over how I do my annual reflection and how to visualize your upcoming year.

If you've completed the Cafe con Pam Challenge, you can access the Recovering Procrastinator Library where you'll access my template for the WWHED Goals because it is important to reflect and honor, create a vision, and most importantly the plan of action.

This is an exercise that will require you to set yourself up for success in a quiet place, with your favorite beverage, and a pen & paper.  You want to set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete this.

To take this exercise a step further, register for the 2020 Vision Building Hike if you are in San Diego, or the 2020 VIRTUAL Vision Building Hike if you are elsewhere in the world.

During our time together, you will receive the following: 

I hope you receive 2020 with much grace and ease and I hope you receive lots of health, abundance, and joy!

Episode 58 - Because Goals

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