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137 - It's All About Consent with Rosalia Rivera

Episode Summary

Rosalia Rivera shares her story about reinventing herself and finally finding her passion to teach about consent.

Episode Notes

Listeners, we are back and this time we have a conversation with Rosalia Rivera.

Rosalia is a passionate consent educator, sexual literacy advocate and survivor turned thriver. She is also the host of AboutCONSENT™ Podcast, the founder of CONSENTparenting™ and creatrix of CONSENTwear™. Her motto is to Mend The Past, Change The Present, Teach The Future™
She has three missions:
#1: To help parents & caregivers to empower the children in their lives through consent education.
#2: To help childhood sexual trauma survivors find their voice, rediscover their power and reclaim their innate sexual divinity.
#3: To dismantle shame around sexuality through education and awareness.
Rosalia stands for consent culture, sex education, shame-free sex positivity, orgasm equality, freedom, and truth.
Through her platforms Rosalia has open, transparent and inspirational dialogue about all of these important topics that will move the sexual education movement forward, help heal wounds and prevent abuse for all.

Trigger Warning: Rosalia and I talk about sexual assault and consent throughout the episode. Please make sure your mental health can handle this episode.

During this episode Rosalia shares how she has not been afraid to change directions in her life. She shares how she went from living in NYC to moving to Canada and starting her own garden. During this episode we learn that life's transitions are always leading us to the right direction. 

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