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136 - Taking A Stand On Wellness with Kayla Nedza

Episode Summary

Kayla Nedza shares her story of knowing she was adopted and navigating life as a WOC in the Health and Wellness space.

Episode Notes

Listeners we are back this week with Kayla Nedza.

Kayla is a certified International Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist who is dedicated to helping high performing women create lasting calm with food, movement, and lifestyle through her company, Women Creating Calm. Drawing heavily from both her clients’ and personal experiences as well as her studies, Kayla presents a practical and realistic approach to stress management and performance optimization. She hosts the Wellness Glow Up Podcast, a weekly show devoted to helping women of color become their healthiest selves by providing the tools and knowledge to be their own health advocates. When she’s not researching, coaching, and interviewing health professionals, you’ll find her weight lifting, twerking around her kitchen, or watching Grey’s Anatomy.

During this episode Kayla shares with us her story of being adopted, growing up with white parents, and how she decided to address the challenges women of color face in the health and wellness space.

Trigger Warning: Kayla shares her story about being adopted from Colombia. If you have a similar story that might trigger you, please take care of your mental and emotional health

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