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134 - On learning, shifting, and creating with Edgar Carreón

Episode Summary

Edgar Carreón shares his story about coming to the United States, his experience with bullying and how this shaped the way he approached life after that.

Episode Notes

Listeners this week we're back again with Edgar Carreón. 

Edgar is the Founder of 35 Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering Latinx entrepreneurs across the United States. He is the host of Empresarios Latinos Podcast, a platform to discuss the challenges and solutions as shared by Latinx business owners.

He immigrated to the United States at the age of 10 and at the age of 22 he launched his first business. He has since launched 8 restaurants, in addition to a coffee import company and several coffee brands. In 2013 he began consulting for small Latinx businesses, which included funding and developing.

In 2018 35 Foundation was established. The mission of this organization is to identify challenges and develop social strategies to boost growth and long-term value, and as a result creating more Latinx success stories.

Having been a beneficiary of the opportunities in the US, Edgar is passionate about unifying and empowering the Latinx small business community.

Trigger warning: Edgar shares his experience with bullying and a pivotal moment in his life in Mexico which might be triggering for you. Please check your mental health and make sure you're ready to hear this episode

Edgar shares his experience as he navigated the U.S. when he was 10 and how living this completely shaped the way he looked at life after that.

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