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132 - You Have A Story To Tell with Diana Diaz

Episode Summary

Diana Diaz shares her story of living with anxiety and how exploring her own healing led her passion to communicate the importance of crafting our personal narratives for maximum community impact.

Episode Notes

Listeners this week we have a conversation with Diana Diaz.

Diana is a skilled facilitator, keynote speaker, mitú writer, storyteller, and Founder of Real Authentic Women Wellness (RAWW), a revolutionary nonprofit focused on breaking mental and sexual health related stigmas for women. As a wife, mother of 4-year-old twins, and survivor of severe anxiety herself, Diana is an avid advocate for mental wellness. She was motivated by her life experiences to create RAWW as a way to initiate informed dialogue in safe and welcoming nonclinical spaces. Named RAWWTalks, these events draw upon the art of storytelling to cover topics of depression, anxiety, sexual empowerment, sexual trauma, sex education, mental abuse and many more subjects that are typically considered taboo. After interacting with the women impacted by RAWW’s work, she realized that there was a need for a tailored program that guides women in developing their voice. She found that most women had a story they wanted to tell but didn’t know how to tell it effectively. This led Diana to create the Your Story to Tell Academy, a 10-week storytelling coaching program to help women craft their own impactful narrative. Not only do women leave with a polished 6-10-minute personal story tested for public delivery, but they also gain skills and resources that will nourish all parts of their life moving forward. Recently, Diana was awarded the Community Champion of the Year by the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and was selected to perform as an official Storyteller at the 2019 #WEALLGROW Summit.

Diana is amazing and I love how she noticed there was a need in the community for her to share about mental health and break the stigma. You're definitely going to love this conversation as it will inspire you and empower you to keep pushing forward. 

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