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130 - Existing is Exhausting with Sara Mora

Episode Summary

Sara Mora talks about her life as an activist and what it is like to exist in our current world as an agent of change.

Episode Notes

Listeners this week we're back with Sara Mora.

This episode was recorded in the car on a trip from LA to San Diego so bare with us and the background noise.

Sara Mora is a national immigrant rights activist who began her activism at the short age of 14. Now 22 years old, Sara spends her time leading national campaigns and efforts to build consciousness and a call to action immigration reform matter.

Known as @MissSaraMora on social media globally, Sara has become a sought-after voice in the work of social change and community empowerment. A college student, influencer, digital media strategist, Sara has dedicated her youth to being a symbol of empowerment and courage in the face of adversity. From the very short age of 10, Sara served as a youth voice at her local church and community organization. In highschool, Sara led conversation around the importance of empowering young students who like her were in need of role models. When she graduated high school she debuted as an activist when interviewing at the time President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis(2014-2018) on DACA and questioning external countries role in supporting young people with DACA.

After the Trump administration cruelly terminated the DACA program in September 2017, Sara Mora decided to come out publicly as undocumented, a leader for young people who are beneficiaries of the DREAM act. She is an organizer, digital guru and media strategist.

Sara has been a model for many young people who are facing one of the most uncertain and frightening times in their lives. She has mentored youth, given presentations to hundreds of high school students on community organizing, college access and immigrant rights issues and has motivated countless others to join the immigrant rights movement.

Listeners, Sara and I had a lot of fun chatting, even though it was in the car and the sound is not the best, we hope you learn and get inspired to take action. Because every granito de arena cuenta. 

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