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129 - Launch Your Podcast

Episode Summary

Learn the 5 step process Pam developed called BREPP to launch your first podcast.

Episode Notes

Listeners, this week we're back with another episode! In celebration of Cafe con Pam's birthday we are coming back this time to talk about all things podcasting. 

The launch your podcast BREPP process is designed to help you ideate and launch your podcast in 4 weeks. 

BREPP stands for Branding, Recording, Editing, Publishing, and Promoting. 

This episode is sponsored by Verizon #VerizonTeDaMas

Here are the tools and links we talked about during this episode:

Branding Episode - To learn more about branding.

Canva - To design your podcast artwork.

Skype - To record interviews/shows.

SquadCast - To record intervies/shows.

Audacity - To edit audio.

Auphonic - To equalize audio.

Podbean - Hosting (Free option).

Buzzsprout - Hosting (Free option).

Spreaker - Hosting (Free option).

Simplecast - Cafe con Pam Hosting Company.

Libsyn - Hosting.

Blubrry - Hosting.


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