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125 - Reclaiming Your Pleasure with Ianne Celeste Rivera

Episode Summary

Ianne Celeste Rivera shares with us her story of becoming a Research Scientist and transitioning into being a Holistic Pleasure Coach.

Episode Notes

Listeners, this week we're back with the magical Ianne Celeste Rivera.

Ianne is a southern California girl, born and raised, a proud Bruin, devoted Beyonce stan, unabashed makeup lover, and a seeker of the spirit in all.  Her whole life she’s lived with curiosity and wonder, fascinated by her own human being-ness. It was this interest that led her to a career as a research scientist.  Ianne has dedicated 10+ years to the study of the inner-workings of us! This career has taken her far and wide, across the world and back. Along the way, Ianne was guided to an even deeper study of ourselves; the study of our spiritual nature and the divinity of our sexuality and sensuality. Prompted by the experience of what she calls her spiritual awakening in 2012, she has since been intuitively guided by her eternal mantra and process, "release to receive to give".  With this intention in tow, Ianne sought to find a way to combine her science background with the spiritual. It began to unfold as she became a certified Yoga teacher as well as a Reiki practitioner, and Meditation guide. With an M.A. in Psychology in Education, Ianne has gained a mastery of knowledge in eroticism and healing along with her own personal experiential knowledge, all which allow her to support her clients as a holistic pleasure coach, to discover their sacred sexual power and to uncover the divine in their sensuality.

During this episode, Ianne and I talked about her experience as a scientist, having tough mentors, putting fear in the back seat, and reclaiming pleasure. 

Ianne shares with us some practices we can put in place so we can allow ourselves to feel and reclaim our sensuality.

Disclaimer: Ianne and I have adult conversations about pleasure and sexuality, so if you have sensitive ears about this topic, please listen to it when you're alone. 

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