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124 - So Much More with The Latina Medium Zulema Arroyo Farley

Episode Summary

Zulema Arroyo Farley also known as The Latina Medium shares her story of perseverance and how she is defining life on her own terms despite her circumstances.

Episode Notes

Listeners we're back this week with an amazing episode. This week we had a conversation with Zulema Arroyo Farley, also known as The Latina Medium.

Zulema is an author, psychic medium, sarcoma survivor, and philanthropist. Zulema was an accomplished senior advertising and marketing executive, known for revitalizing numerous Fortune 500 brands. She is the founder, board chairman, and president of Artz Cure Sarcoma Foundation, a non-profit created with her husband to raise awareness and research funds to find targeted chemotherapy treatment options for sarcoma as none exist in the United States. In 2016, Zulema was named one of People en Español’s 25 Most Powerful Women. In 2018, she surprised the world by confessing a lifelong well-kept secret—she’s a psychic medium. Since then, Zulema serves as the conduit to reconnect people with loved ones that have crossed over. She currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and continues to fight an on-going battle against sarcoma and several chronic autoimmune diseases.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. I truly admire Zulema's resilience and passion for helping others connect with their loved ones that have crossed over.

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