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123 - Radical Acceptance With Leah Garza

Episode Summary

Leah Garza also known as Crystals of Altamira shares her story of overcoming her own limiting beliefs, reaching rock bottom, learning to surrender, and radical acceptance.

Episode Notes

Listeners, we're back this week with Leah Garza also known as Crystals of Altamira.

Leah is consumed with liberation. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social. As a teacher, and as a student, she saw education as a way to spread liberation. Leah works with students and families living in poverty, in the cycles of incarceration, domestic violence, non-traditional economies. She teaches because she knows that when people who live in dire conditions are given the power to think critically, they can understand that they are not condemned to live the life society has identified for them. They can become power agents and advocates and they become liberated and liberate the people around them. This is the crux, the very heart of education for Leah. With each student, lesson, class, syllabus, mistake, reflection, piece of research, with each day she teaches, she becomes more and more free too.
Crystals of Altamira was born at first to make crystal accessories that people could use to tap into crystal healing. As time passed, and the election of 2016 happened, Leah delved ever deeper into finding her purpose- what is her role as a teacher and how is spirituality involved. The answer has been the evolution of Crystals of Altamira into a house of healing. This is a place designed to help you believe, when you feel like you’re losing faith. Leah believes we can transform society, in fact we are being pushed to do it now. But if we never heal the traumas and wounds that reside in us, we will never find true liberation. Amid the chaos and despair, Leah has confidence in your ability to heal yourself. She believes radical healing is possible because you are powerful, and after all, healing is your birthright.

During our conversation, we talk about her dad, hitting rock bottom, surrendering, and radically accepting who we are. Leah also talks about her work with the Akashic Records and when/how to work with them.

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