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122 - Rewriting Your Story And Becoming A Latina Inventor with Norma Rapko

Episode Summary

Norma Rapko Vargas shares how she became an author and one of the few Latina inventors in the U.S.

Episode Notes

Listeners we're back this week with the incredible story of Norma Rapko Vargas.

When it comes to innovation & design, Norma Rapko Vargas is a tour de force within the creative community. Artist, inventor, designer, author, speaker and on-air talent, she is a style icon across many platforms. Her artful presence transcends the expected. A curator of ethereal beauty in all facets of her life, Norma’s creativity is a masterful blend of intention & whimsy. Her renowned eye for aesthetics helped parlay her passion into a stint as an interior designer. As a stylist, she helped beautify spaces throughout California, including those of television and film producers. She shared her interior design styling’s with the world in her book, ‘Embellished Memories: Decorating Mats & Frames’ published by Martingale & Co. As a Latina crafting celebrity, and inventor Norma has been featured in several eminent media outlets and she was awarded the National Latina Business Women of the Year for Arts & Production. This honor earned her the designation of being the first featured designer of Plaid Craft Television. As a philanthropist, she lends her hands & heart to Mission work in Mexico, building homes for those in need. A creative force to be reckoned with, her latest contribution to the crafting industry has revolutionized the fine art of embellishing throughout the creative world. She has launched her new crafting tool invention, The Crystyler, debuted in 1,100 Michaels craft stores and has become a #1 Best seller and Most Favorited product on It’s first airing at HSN. And Norma is just getting started.

Trigger Warning
During this episode Norma and I talk about suicide. If you have sensitive ears around you or you feel this topic might trigger you in any way, please select another episode to listen. Your mental health matters.

Listeners, Norma shares her inspiring story with us and we talk about being a businesswoman, one of the very few Latina inventors in the U.S., and she reminds us to nurture our creative side.

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Important Suicide Prevention Links
If you're outside of the U.S. visit IASP
The Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ youth

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Baja Stretch

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