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119 - Choosing To Be A Warrior with Dario Guerrero

Episode Summary

Dario Guerrero shares his story of overcoming adversity as an undocumented student who ultimately went to Harvard and self-deported to take care of his ill mother in Mexico.

Episode Notes

Listeners this week we're back with Dario Guerrero.

Dario Guerrero was brought to this country when he was two years old and like a true bad hombre overstayed his tourist visa. His story first received national attention in September 2014 when he published an essay in the Washington Post titled “I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant. They gave me a full scholarship.” Following up on this story, a Telemundo news crew reached out to Dario and found him living in his grandmother’s home, some 3,000 miles away from school in the crime-ridden, massive slums of Nezahualcoyotl just outside Mexico City. Dario’s story again made headlines, this time under the guise of “Harvard student took his dying mom to Mexico, now he’s not allowed to leave.” This is the subject matter of the present film. This is the story of ROCIO. Dario runs a mentoring and boxing class in his hometown of Carson, California.

Dario shares his journey living in the U.S. and finding out he is undocumented. He shares how he made it to Harvard and how he made the desicion do do whatever it took to save his mother like a true warrior.

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