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118 - Achieving goals by being flexible with Adacelis Perez

Episode Summary

Adacelis Perez shares her story of adapting, changing her mindset and being flexible to achieve her goals and climb the corporate ladder.

Episode Notes

Listeners we're back this week with Adacelis Perez.

Mrs. Perez is an Author, Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of Breathe Publishing, Inc. A native Puerto Rican, she is a communication expert, with previous experience working for CNN, and for CDC as a consultant. A recipient of two certificates from Peabody Awards for her collaboration in CNN's coverage of the Arab Spring and Hurricane Katrina, Ada has worked as a publicist for internationally renowned news anchors, orchestrated major public relations and social marketing campaigns, and helped develop successful communication programs for some of the world's leading organizations. Both bilingual and bicultural, she was born in Puerto Rico, and has called Georgia home for the past twenty years where she lives with her son. Mrs. Perez offers book coaching and life strategy coaching services for women, and through her practice, she wants to help Latina women write the book of their dreams.

Trigger Warning Ada talks about the tragic loss of her father during this episode, so if you are currently grieving, please be mindful of this.

Listeners, Ada shares about her healing journey and how she had to give up her life to help her mother after the loss of her father. We talk about having an attitude of gratitude and how living this shaped her career. Ada also tells us about her book "Anxious Mom, Anxious Child" and she inspires us to believe we can also write a book.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where Ada will come and tell us all things writing books. We need more Latinx authors in the book space. If you'd like to leave an anonymous question, you can do so here.

This week's parnter is Abuelita Handmade. I love Abuelita's products.

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