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116 - Mentors And Shifting Focus To Positively Impact Our Community with Eddy Gramajo

Episode Summary

Eddy Gramajo shares his story of resilience and his journey to entrepreneurship. Eddy shares what inspired him to create a platform that helps small business owners succeed with technology.

Episode Notes

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence. This episode contains some mention of a domestic violence instance. Please check in with yourself if this is a sensitive topic to you

Listeners we're back from our much needed summer break. This week we bring you Eddy Gramajo.

Eddy was raised by a single Guatemalan mom. Lived in poverty most of his life but made it to the largest public accounting firm in the world. Now Eddy is a CPA and has worked for amazing companies like Pandora and Glassdoor. Eddy finally started his own tech company because he believes there are so many ways to impact our community and bring others with you.

Eddy shares some insighs on what small business owners must do when it comes to their money. He also shares his journey to entrepreneurship and what inspired him to create Canasta, an online platform that sends invoices on behalf of small businesses.

This week we also talk about Scout Books our partners this episode. We love their products and we love that they are a Certified B Corp.

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