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114 - Improving Your Health Through Movement with Anthony Cruz

Episode Summary

Anthony Cruz shares his journey of being a multi-sport athlete and now becoming a passionate Kinesiologist and Tactical Performance Coach

Episode Notes

Listeners, we're back this week with Anthony Cruz!

Anthony grew up a multi-sport athlete. One thing he wanted to achieve was becoming bigger, faster, and stronger (like any other athlete). Anthony began looking up anything and everything about working out and sports performance. When his teammates noticed the increased muscle and quickness on the field, they wanted in on the action so Anthony started training them. Seeing them get similar results, his love and journey for coaching began. Anthony's mission is to improve health, performance, and ultimately safety to all military, fire, and police in Southern California. He currently works with over dozens of veterans, first responders, and active duty military. Anthony also works with these populations online all across the country to get them and keep them performing their best in their respective service fields.

During this episode we talk about Anthony growing up in a military town, then joining the army, and now giving back through his knowledge of proper body movement.

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