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113 - Cuando Se Quiere, Se Puede with Beto Perez

Episode Summary

Beto Perez shares his story of persistence and how he set a goal to work on radio and he did not stop until he accomplished it. He's been working on radio ever since he's 17 years old.

Episode Notes

Warning: Explicit words on this episode.

Listeners, we're back this week with Beto Perez.

Beto was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in South San Diego. His passion for music started at a young age when his cousins gave him vinyl records to play. This led him to a career as a DJ. He has worked as a producer, an on-air DJ for both Spanish and English markets and has done some voice over work. When Beto is not behind the microphone or DJing, you can find him eating, and most likely his favorite food: BBQ. He enjoys outdoor live concerts, outdoor activities, watching plays, fixing up old cars, video games, reptiles, and he is a huge sports fan.

You will laugh and you'll be inspired with this episode. Beto shares the story of when he got inspired to be on radio and how he did not stop until he started working at a radio station at the young age of 17. We talk about all the things.

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