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110 - The Power of Relationships with Ricky Rosario

Episode Summary

Ricky Rosario shares his story about living a multifaceted life and producing a film inspired by his grandmother.

Episode Notes

Listers, we're back this episode with Ricky Rosario.

A New Jersey native, Ricky Rosario is an independent Producer and Director who resides in Los Angeles, CA. His experience spans across commercials, music videos and films. Ricky got his start in the film industry by working as . Production Assistant on various projects. With a degree in Marketing and Finance from Seton Hall University, Ricky is highly budget conscience when it comes to efficient and powerful storytelling.
Before getting into the film industry, Ricky worked at NBCU/Telemundo as an Affiliate Relations Analyst. Outside of his experience in Production, he is also an avid photographer. Ricky is currently promoting and showcasing his critically acclaimed short film, “Abuela’s Luck” in which he was the Writer, Producer and Director. The next short film that he produced and directed is "It's Who You Know" starring Emmy and Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman. The film is currently hitting the film festival circuit.

We dive deep in his story and how building relationship could really propel you and open up doors.

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